t h i s  i s  j o y

i n  a l l  i t s  s h a d e s ,

The shades of joy scream diplomacy, they sing a melody of meetings and agreements, yielded-ness and sobriety. Joy is a poetic symposium of all the emotions life can evoke, a final declaration of the resilience that can only begin within. Joy’s shades are warm and inviting yet deep and memorable.

s h a p e s ,

Joy's shapes are a story of movement, moments and connection. They are proof that there's always room to rejoice, always. Like a dance in a moment, Joy's shapes are clear to see, yet still, an endless delightful journey of knowing what being loved truly is.

a n d  c o l o u r s . 

Joy’s colours are bold and in your face. Even in neutrality, her colours scream expression, calling all who behold each tone to express themselves in confident freedom. Like paint strokes, Joy’s colours beyond what can be found on the rainbow to what strikes attention and hits the heart. They bring a new experience with each encounter.

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