v i s i o n

Joy is a miracle that comes in every moment and in every way. It is the proof that memories are a story of beauty and the assurance that pain is an assurance of purpose. 

Modelling Joy seeks to amplify the story being told through fashion and movement - a story in which we are told that our joy is not something that is waiting to come, a story that tells us joy is here now.

Its an invitation to sit and listen to this story told whilst it is being written. 

movement element: pilot

Explore our previous projects to see how this story has been told so far. 

 j o y ' s   a i m

Modelling Joy seeks to spread joy in three places: in the individual spaces through media platforms, in the fashion industry through projects, and corporate institutions who have affiliations with the fashion industry. This is currently done through blogs, personal projects and project collaborations, and working with clients (i.e. brands and independent designers).

 a n d   t a r g e t s

From now till September 2026, Modelling Joy seeks to work on and complete its upcoming sound project, "Tapestry Stills" and build collaborative networks with movers and creative project makers within London and surrounding parts of the United Kingdom. In September 2025, Modelling Joy seeks to spread joy in even more ways through portraits and consultations. These will involve the introduction of creative direction for photoshoots, consultations for creative storytelling, and our first portrait project titled "This is Joy's story told". In February 2026, we aim to spread joy through styling in addition to shoot planning; and in July 2027 through a clothing line. In September 2024, we hope to start our team establishing initiatives for dancers and designers. For dancers, Captured Polity x Modelling Joy, will be starting a dance centered modelling agency to work with brands and clients who desire to have a unique take on their branding and marketing through creative expressions of joy. For designers, Modelling Joy will be working with designers to tell the story of Joy further through unique modelling, photoshoot and runway premiers tailored to the stories fashion designers seek to tell through their collection(s).

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